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Today, organizations depend upon continuous access to their digital assets. Network outages, server downtime, and lost data are no longer tolerable. To help prevent these kinds of problems, reliable data storage technologies and products can be deployed to safeguard valuable data. Data storage systems, often at the heart of an organization’s operations, must be dependable and accessible at all times.

While keeping data safe is unquestionably essential, so is high performance. Faster access to data can translate into increased productivity throughout an entire organization. Quicker throughput means faster response from data networks, faster database performance, more streams of digital video, and quicker backups. Higher data throughput provides measurable paybacks.

Additionally, today’s data storage systems must address the exponential growth in the amount of information that organizations collect and store. With data now being measured in terabytes, instead of megabytes, modern storage products must provide enormous capacities for today, and be scalable to address tomorrow’s needs!

NetCom has developed a wide range of storage solutions that address all of these storage mandates; protection, performance and scalability. It offers business-proven products that have been specifically designed to keep your data safe and available, even if a storage component fails!

Its latest Storage Appliances also look out for your bottom line, offering the important features that your organization needs - including great value. While incorporating the latest disk array technologies, state-of-the-art components and unsurpassed build quality, they’re also very easy on the budget

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