Network Data Storage Solutions

Today’s business and technology environments are generating more data than ever before. They also require fast and continuous access to this data. This includes e-mail, digital audio & video, medical images, photographs, financial records, etc.

All of this data must be quickly and safely stored. Providing solutions for this growing demand for data storage is why NetCom developed its new Data Storage Appliances. With their proven ‘Disk Array’ technology for data protection you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that your data is safe. With their state-of-the-art throughput you’ll enjoy ultra fast access to your data and greater productivity.

Additionally, with huge terabyte capacities, small footprints, and breakthrough
pricing, you’ll appreciate why they represent some of the best storage solution values available today.

Digital Video Studios
Network Server Storage
Professional Photograph
Creative Media Production
Home Offices
High Speed Backup
Accounting and Finance
Print and OPI Servers
Marketing Departments
Medical Image

Storage Solutions

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