Our Clients Testimonials

Here are some of our clients testimonials; we really enjoy treating our customers the best way we can. We belive that by giving them the best service, will make us the best company out there for them and others new to come.

"After an exhaustive search, it was clear that NetCom delivers some of the fastest and affordable storage systems in the industry.  The significant performance improvements provided by the NR6-8 allow us to focus on what we do best, managing and generating new business opportunities.  Out of the box, the system was effortlessly integrated into our network infrastructure.  The NetCom team has been extremely helpful in sharing best practices for the entire storage solution.  Their insight has been invaluable in enabling us to realize our key business objectives."

Teen Flores

"We evaluated competitive storage, but the NetCom NR5-4 was the only solution that would meet our objectives for performance, throughput, and reliability.  Unlike most of the other storage products that we tested, the NetCom storage system was very easy to install.  It has been extremely stable and is the only high performance plug-and-play solution that met our demanding needs.  The NetCom support personnel have been extremely helpful.  With the NR5-4 installed, we now have improved network server performance and greater flexibility to run more demanding jobs."

Alex Aydin

"We are extremely pleased with the performance gains achieved after installing the NetCom storage system.  With other products, we were forced to make trade-offs, but with the NetCom system, we were able to get a complete package at a very competitive price."

Reza Dadashi
Pacific Horizon Communities


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