What are RAID levels?

There are several ways that disks can be combined into an array. RAID levels describe these various ways. Each level has specific benefits (and possible
drawbacks). Selecting which RAID level is best for you depends upon your application and which benefits will serve your needs best.

Note that not all RAID levels provide data protection. RAID level 0, for example, is an excellent way to combine disks within an array for maximum speed and capacity. But RAID level 0 doesn’t protect data from a disk failure. Applications, such as video editing projects, often require the extremely high data transfer rates that only RAID level 0 can provide. These ‘performance driven’ applications must rely on other forms of backup for data protection. Thus, RAID 0 is recommended only when data loss would be inconvenient, but not catastrophic. Video and audio applications, for example, typically have their source data on tape. They also output (or master) to tape or DVD,
which can serve as its own form of backup.

Other RAID levels, such as 1, 5, and 10, are specifically designed to protect all of the data on an array - even if a disk fails! For mission critical applications, where data protection is vital, selecting storage systems supporting at least one of these RAID levels is essential.

NetCom offers storage products that support RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 10. Following are brief descriptions of each of these levels. Additional information can be provided by your NetCom representative. They can also help you select a storage system and RAID level that best suits your application.

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