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New Data Storage Systems
NetCom USA has released the NR6 family of RAID storage systems. ReadMore

Notoriously Short Backup Windows
Companies of all sizes are aggregating so much information nowadays that traditional methods of backup... ReadMore
WrittenBy:The Processor

NetCom offers eSATA-based RAID 5
The NR5-4 is a desktop-based four drive system capable of storing up to 3.0 terabytes (TB) of data. ReadMore
WrittenBy:Mac World

What is RAID? (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

RAID technology presents ways of combining or grouping disk drives to provide greater capacity, performance,and reliability than would otherwise be offered by a single disk. It’s an excellent (and proven) way to protect large amounts of data while providing outstanding performance and capacity. Read More

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"We are extremely pleased with the performance gains achieved after installing the NetCom storage system.  With other products, we were forced to make trade-offs, but with the NetCom system, we were able to get a complete package at a very competitive price."

Reza Dadashi
Pacific Horizon Communities

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